About Us

The COVID-19 pandemic is a very difficult phase in our lives as many of us are confined to our houses, unable to meet friends, and forced to learn online. But it is especially unfair for elementary and middle school students who have to adapt to this quarantine environment. The teachers are doing their best, but what happens when summer comes? The recorded educational videos can only keep the students engaged for so long. When we see the future generation facing a major disadvantage in life it is only right for us to help them. So a group of South Windsor High School students has formed this platform for elementary and middle school students to continue learning while remaining safely in their homes. We at STRYVE have made it our mission to give back to our community by helping the future generation of students learn and grow amidst this pandemic.

Abhinay Prabhuraj

My name is Abhinay, and I will be a senior in the fall at South Windsor High School. I am teaching at STRYVE because I am interested in Science and business. And I am excited to teach other interested students about the specific nuances of each topic. I have participated in Science, robotics, and business competitions such as Science Bowl, First Robotics competitions, and Future Business Leaders of America. A comprehensive understanding of these various extracurricular activities can assist in developing a well-rounded individual. I teach Astronomy, Cad/Engineering design, and Economics at Stryve Learning. I hope to share my knowledge with all who are interested!!​

Kavin Shanmugam

Hello all! I am Kavin, a rising senior at South Windsor High School. I am very passionate about helping students and giving back to our community, and that is the reason I am tutoring here at STRYVE. I have strong interests in Science and Business and have competed in various state-wide competitions such as Science Olympiad, Science Bowl, and Future Business Leaders of America. I will be teaching Science courses here at STRYVE and I hope to share my knowledge and experiences with you all!!

Arvind Tirumala

Hi everyone! I am a rising senior at South Windsor High mentoring with STRYVE because I want to share my knowledge with the students. I have an interest in math, coding, and engineering. I also find physics and computer science very interesting. I have participated in science, math, and debate competitions. I have also participated in the First Tech Challenge and the First Robotics Competition. Within these competitions, I was able to bring some trophies home. I will be teaching Art, Engineering, and Coding courses here at STRYVE and I hope to see you in my class!

Joe Biju

Welcome to STRYVE! My name is Joseph Biju, I will be a junior at South Windsor High this fall. I am proud to be mentoring at STRYVE this year for our new program. I have an interest in biology, computer science, economics, and education. In my free time I enjoy gardening, baking, editing, coding, and home improvements/renovations. I am looking forward to enhancing skills that will translate to real world success for those who are interested!

Trinay Hari

Hi and welcome to STRYVE!!! My name is Trinay Hari and I am an upcoming senior at South Windsor High School. I joined STRYVE because I am very enthusiastic when it comes to helping younger students. I have great interests in the STEM and Business fields. I have participated in many Robotics events, which is where I gained a lot of interest in the STEM field. I also love to read about Business and Economics in my free time, which lead me to learn how to properly trade in the Stock Market. I will be looking forward to mentoring here at STRYVE.

Akshat Shenoi

Hello everyone! I am an upcoming senior from South Windsor High School teaching at STRYVE. I was motivated to teach because of my many interests and my desire to share my knowledge with others. From participating in FIRST robotics competitions and Science Bowl, I have developed strong interests in science, coding, and other subjects that I plan to pass on to interested students.

Sai Chimbili

Hi everyone, my name is Sai Chimbili and I am a rising senior at South Windsor High School. I have a very deep interest in computer science and technology as a whole and I hope I can use Stryve Learning to share my knowledge and passion with others and inspire them to go into the vastly expanding tech world. I have been involved in the First Robotics Competition, Future STEM leaders of America, Model UN, and more where I have contributed my efforts and also gained valuable knowledge that’s allowed to further progress and grow myself. Along with this, I have a passion for the sciences such as physics, chemistry, and biology and I want to teach the amazing feats that one can do by using science and push those to learn these interesting subjects. Overall, I am an ambitious high schooler hoping to empower and inspire others to work hard and explore new things.

Sai Koppu

Hi, my name is Sai Koppu, I am a rising senior at South Windsor High. From a young age, I have been interested in the STEM field, particularly Math, Engineering, and Technology. I’ve participated in many math competitions since 2nd Grade (NSF, Math Kangaroo, MOEMS, Math Olympiad, AMC 8/10, MathCounts, New England Math League, etc) with taking home quite a few awards from them as well. I also started 24/7Tech because of my passion in the latest technology, and I thought my opinion would be valuable. I plan to major in computer science because I love programming, and I’ve been doing it since 5th Grade, learning multiple languages along the way.

Sri Kiran Sripada

Hello everyone! I am Sri Kiran, a rising senior at South Windsor High School. I am tutoring at STRYVE because I have an avid interest in STEM which I am very keen to share to other interested students. I have participated in several science and robotics competitions like others here, as well as essay and geography competitions. I believe that learning strategies and methods for exams, competition, and creation is imperative for a strong academic profile, and should be learned and developed from a young age. In the past school year, I have taken two college-level STEM courses simultaneously while staying committed to extracurriculars and maintaining my free time. I hope to inspire others to explore their interests in academics.

Shri Radha

Hi my name is Shri Radha, a rising senior at South Windsor High School. I have an interest in music, math, and coding and I would like to teach others about them. I participated in FIRST robotics competitions and Science Bowl competitions which educated me in these subjects.